An unfortunate staff and player interaction


Last night we had an unfortunate situation between a staff member and a player of the shard… which lead to a lot of drama.  I wanted to take the time to clear up exactly what happened because quite frankly our staff members have nothing to hide from.

GM Picard was running an event last night with a ‘flute’ as a prize.  The event was going really well and had a lot of attendance.  At some point during the event Picard accidentally loaded the “prize item” on the monster too far in advance leading to a situation where a player stole the flute without killing the monster for the “monster bash” being run.  Picard recognized the situation immediately and handled it by revoking the item and adding it back to the monster bash as a prize.

The thief in question threw a complete tantrum and said things like “suck my f%*ing nutsack” to the staff member and proceeded to harass staff and other people who help the shard through social media repeatedly.  When he was asked to stop and “get a grip” he instead got more antagonistic and has been repeatedly attacking the shard and the character of the staff in this situation.

One might ask, why would you take the time to shed light on something like this?  Couldn’t this be bad publicity for the shard?  etc..

Frankly I believe the staff acted properly for the players as a whole.  They did what was appropriate to ensure the masses had some fun game play.  There’s nothing wrong here other than a staff member accidentally adding the prize a little to early… rather than the player taking a moment to realize this was best for the shard he decided to use ethnic slurs against staff members and attack them with vulgarities which were completely unnecessary.

The rules clearly state how staff and player interactions should be handled, these rules were clearly violated.  The staff member in question has also learned a valuable lesson about players and their pixels which I think will clearly benefit him in the long run.

Overall I wanted to add some clarity to this situation in an effort to ensure that the player base of the shard understands we’re not “running” from events like this.  In fact we’re hitting them head on and publicly so that everyone knows we do care, we recognize the importance of communication and are doing our best to ensure you get a fun, fair game play experience geared toward all of you, not just one of you.

Thanks again for the support you’ve shown, it’s been nothing short of amazing.


Update 30 September 2013:

I received the following apology from the player in question regarding the activities at the event.

Hello Ryan I feel that I owe you an apology, GM Picard also. I had stayed up all night drinking & playing UO, it’s a thing I’ve done for years and I have a habit of getting a big head/ego while intoxicated. The next morning I had a lovely hang over and it lead me into arguing with you. I was completely out of line and it was beyond being immature. I didn’t think about it at the time but saying all that I said being an established player (whether you’ve heard of me or not) does do a little damage to the credibility of the server. I should have simply messaged you like a civil person and explained what happened but my head was in other places. Although I’m not exactly item hungry, I do admit that my thoughts were more on lining my pixel pockets with gps. And if I may say Picard is a great GM, he offered that stupid flute back to me 3 or so times and having a drunken ego I declined his kind offer and slandered the hell out of the poor guy. I’m a GM Troll, when I get irritated I go into creep mode and I’m working on changing that lol but believe me that I wouldn’t take my time apologizing if I didn’t mean it. If there is anything I can do to reassure people that I was in the wrong, and that the staff on Hybrid is solid just let me know and I’ll do it. Believe me I don’t mind telling everyone who I am, that I fucked up, raged, etc. And you deserve the most respect of all which I neglected to show you, you’ve hosted this crazy server for 10 years never charging anyone anything and taking your time from your family to make it enjoyable for all of us. After all my years here I should have slapped my ass into line. I know I bashed the hell out of everyone including the server, so again I apologize for my verbal actions, it will not happen again and I’ll let people know it was just me tripping out. And lol no bro I don’t smoke meth. I’ve never done any man-made drugs, meth ruins lives btw Take it easy dude and if possible let Picard know I’d like to apologize to him, if I see him online next time I’ll be sure that he recieves a personal apology from me. And if you don’t care for my apology thats perfectly fine also. I’m a dick and I’m used to people not accepting my apologies even though I do sincerely mean them. I’m sure you have bigger fish to fry and your scratching your head thinking, this dudes fucking weird. I deserve it lol have a good one man.