The swashbuckler, the knight, the berserker, we have been called them all. The mage thinks his magical tomes will always see him through, we know to trust in our steel. When a dragon rips the reagents from his hand, we will be there to block the next swing of its mighty paw. We are warriors.


Variety is the spice of life, and in this case death. Warriors come with a variety of abilities to help them battle any foe. It is ultimately your choice on which play style fits your warrior. Are you the berserker wielding a massive halberd. Perhaps the nimble fighter with the poisoned kryss. Maybe the allure of a broad sword and kite shield is too much to pass up. How you build your warrior is your journey.

The same way a mage would require his tomes and reagents, a warrior requires his weapons, armor, and bandages. He is only as good as his mind, and his tactics allows him.

Combat Effectiveness

Warriors can do damage and receive it fairly well. Unconstrained and able to wear heavier armor a warrior can take a beating all while applying bandages and healing his own (or a friends) wounds.

Player vs Player

In combat a warrior needs to be nimble, staying close to their opponent to give them the most face to face time to swing their weapons. Weapon strikes can disrupt a mages spell casting making warriors great and preventing damage from enemy mages.

Complementing Skills

Magic Resist will help a warrior soak up the damage his armor can’t stop. allowing him to face many spell slinging monsters and players.

Lumberjacking increases the amount of damage axe types weapons will inflict, creating some devastating swings.

Poisoning can increase your overall damage and prevent monsters from healing while poisoned.