Flag_anatomyThey say you can’t judge a book by its cover, well.. maybe not a book.. but a person.. yeah, you can judge that.

Anatomy is both an active and passive skill. Used actively, you can examine the physical characteristics of a monster or character to give you an approximate level of strength and dexterity. Passively, anatomy will give bonus to healing and melee attacks.

Using the Skill

To use the skill anatomy, find the skill in your skill list under lore and knowledge (alt+k will bring up the menu).
Click the blue diamond beside the skill and target another player/monster with the target cursor. Skill level under 65% will allow you to see their strength. Skill level over 65% will also give you information on the target’s dexterity level. Click and drag the word anatomy from the skill menu to give yourself an icon for your playscreen, or set a hotkey for the skill for repeated or frequent use.

The following table shows the message you will see when using anatomy. For each message, the stat level on the right correlates to the actual dexterity or strength of the character/monster lored.

Stat Levels Dexterity Strength
0-9 Like they barely manage to stay standing. Like they would have trouble lifting small objects
10-19 Very clumsy Rather feeble
20-29 Somewhat uncoordinated Somewhat weak
30-39 Moderately dexterous To be of normal strength
40-49 Somewhat agile Somewhat strong
50-59 Very agile Very strong
60-69 Extremely agile Extremely strong
70-79 Extraordinarily agile Extraordinarily strong
80-89 Moves like quicksilver Strong as an ox
90-99 One of the fastest people you have ever seen One of the strongest people you have ever seen
100+ Superhumanly agile Superhumanly strong

Complimentary Skills and Skill Bonus

Anatomy is used most often as a passive skill. This means anatomy is used in combination with other skills purely based on skill level. For use with other skills, you do not actively use anatomy like you would when loring another character. When healing or melee skills are used, bonus due to anatomy skill is automatically applied. Anatomy skill level plays a big part in how effective healing and melee skills can be.

When applied to the Healing skill, anatomy can greatly increase the health restored with bandages. For every 5 points of anatomy, you can heal an additional 1% of damage. At GM level, you get a 10% bonus added to healing. If anatomy and healing are at a skill level of 61.0 or higher, there is a chance to cure poison with bandages. The success rate will increase with increased skill level over 61.0. At levels of 81.0 or higher in anatomy and healing, there is a chance of resurrecting a character. Again, the higher the skill the greater the chance of success. Anatomy does not affect the speed with which you heal.

Anatomy is a large factor when calculating damage done in a melee attack. For approximately every 5 points of anatomy, you can increase your damage by 1% (maximum 20%). This applies to archery, fencing, mace fighting, swordsmanship, and wrestling.

Anatomy is combined with wrestling to give you the stun punch. A minimum of 80.0 is needed in both skills. This special move will paralyze your opponent for 3 seconds if successful.

Anatomy combined with Evaluating Intelligence will provide a character with defensive wrestling. This means you cannot attack like you have 100.0 wrestling, but you will defend and block hits like you do. Your level of defensive wrestling is found by combining your anatomy and eval int skill levels and dividing by 2.