Flag_mace_fightingHeavy isn’t it? That’s where the damage comes from. One full swing from this can crumple a plate chest piece, or shatter a mages bones. No, it isn’t sharp, and it doesn’t have an edge. We need to keep the end moving, not get it stuck in something, or someone.

Mace Fighting is all about blunt weapon damage. Keep your weapon hitting your opponent, slow their movements, don’t give them a chance to run away.


Find a mace weapon and start to bang it into anything that bleeds or breaks.

One Handed

  • Club
  • Hammer Pick
  • Mace
  • Maul
  • War Axe
  • War Mace

Two Handed

  • War Hammer


  • Black Staff
  • Quarter Staff
  • Gnarled Staff
  • Shepherds Crook


Find your local weapon master to become a novice mace fighter. Once done, proceed to hit things. Repeat! The harder a target is to hit, the better chance you have of increasing your knowledge.

Special Moves

While wielding a war hammer a master mace fighter with equal skill in tactics will have a chance to deliver a crushing blow, doing two times the damage of a regular swing.