The Battle Mage

Look at them, the warriors with their gleaming armor and shiny weapon, so much steel, and so little brains. Do they ever stop to think what happens when pure energy hits the armor encasing their hearts? Of course not…


The mage is a master spellslinger, useful in all situations. Magery is a toolbox for most any situation. Did that scropion just poison you? Let me cure that. Did that dragon just breath fire on you? Let me heal that. Where are we going next? No don’t start running, let me open a magical gate there.

Combat Effectiveness

A mage can deal tons of damage, while healing and curing themselves, or allies if they find them useful. A mage can deal with most any situatuon as long as they keep an eye on their mana level and their stock of reagents.

Player vs Player

Most players who participate in player vs player combat will have magery. It is essential to heal, cure, and react to the ever changing battlefield.

Complementing Skills

Wrestling is almost essential for a pure mage, your chance to be hit is a direct correlation to your weapon skill vs your opponents weapon skill. While casting your weapon is your fists. This is often combined with anatomy to preform the special move Paralyzing Blow (a.k.a. Stun Punch) to disable an enemy for three seconds.

Animal Taming can help keep you healthy and monsters (or players) off your back as most mages will wear little to no armor.

Alchemy can be trained for the usage of potions. Healing and Curing potions will help alleviate mana problems, and explosion potions help to take down tougher foes.