Flag_mageryYou don’t know how good you have it! In my day fireball was a SCARY spell. If you saw someone running at you saying Vas Flam you ran the other way!

Slinging spells, restoring health, curing poisons, with a few reagents and their pool of mana a mage can do it all.


Magery is a skill of preparation. A player needs key components to have the ability to cast spells. The first step in a new mages journey is your local magic shop. There you can pickup your very own spellbook, a few spell scrolls, and the reagents used to cast them.


Magery is an expensive skill to train and use, as always visit your local mage shop and ask them to train you in first steps to becoming a master magician.

After you have become a novice spellcaster through training, simply casting spells will increase your skill. Keep in mind, the higher the circle the harder (or possibly be impossible) it will be to cast. The inverse is also true, casting spells from too low of a circle will be to easy and will not teach you anything.

  • 30 – 45: Third Circle
  • 45 – 55: Fourth Circle
  • 55 – 65:Fifth Circle
  • 65 – 75: Sixth Circle
  • 75 – 90: Seventh Circle
  • 90 – 100: Eighth Circle