Flag_arms_loreArms Lore is used to determine the condition and wear of armors and weapons. When used on weapons, arms lore will also indicate possible damage range. When used on armor, arms lore will indicate the possible range of protection. Arms lore will not identify magical armor or weapons. Item Identification must be used for this purpose.

To gain Arms Lore, click the blue diamond beside arms lore in the skill gump. Use the targeting cursor on armor or a weapon.

Arms Lore is combined with Wrestling to disarm opponents. A minimum of 80.0 is needed in both skills. No other skill is affected by arms lore.

Refer to the tables below for an explanation of the the arms lore assessment messages.

Condition of Armor or Weapons
Item condition Assessment message
100% Brand new
90% Almost new
80% Barely used, with a few nicks and scrapes
70% Fairly good condition
60% Suffered some wear and tear
50% Well used
40% Rather Battered
30% Somewhat badly damaged
20% Flimsy and not trustworthy
10% Falling Apart


Armor Protection
Armor Rating Assessment message
31+ Is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection
26-30 Offers excellent protection
21-25 Is a superior defense against attack
16-20 Serves as sturdy protection
11-15 Offers some protection against blows
6-10 Provides very little protection
1-5 Provides almost no protection
0 Offers no defense against attackers


Weapon Damage
Average Damage Assessment message
26+ Would be extraordinarily deadly
21-25 Would be a superior weapon
16-20 Would inflict serious damage and pain
11-15 Likely hurt opponent a fair amount
6-10 Would do some damage
3-5 Would do minimal damage
0-2 Might scratch their opponent slightly


*Note: This skill is considered a useless skill and mainly used for role playing purposes.*