Flag_campingThe great outdoors!

Sometimes a player needs to log out rather quickly and is unable to get back to an inn. Camping is the perfect answer when this situation pops up!


To use camping all one needs to do is secure some kindling and a bedroll. Bedrolls can be obtained from provisioner while kindling can be obtained simply from using a non-axe bladed weapon on a tree. Once you light a campfire from the kindling it will take a little bit of time and the player and all players around will receive a message that the camp has been secured. The player can then layout the bedroll by placing it on the ground and then double clicking it. While it is on the ground and rolled out the player can then double click and choose to logout.

Camping can not be used is some areas such as champ spawns.


It is best to train the skill from a Gypsy. After that each time you secure a camp you have a chance to gain skill.

*Note: This skill is considered a useless skill and mainly used for role playing purposes.*