Flag_cartographyCartography is the skill of the mapmaker. This skill is used to make maps and to decode treasure maps.

Tools and Supplies

A cartographer needs a mapmaker’s pen and blank maps. The pens can be bought from a tinker or made by a player with the tinkering skill. Blank maps must be purchased from an npc.

Using the Skill – Mapmaking

To make a map, dbl cick the mapmaker’s pen to access the cartography gump. Choose maps from the left column. From the right column, pick the type of map you want to make.
If you are successful, the completed map will be placed in your backpack. The map center will be the location you stand on while making the map.

Map Type Minimum Cartography Required
Local map 10.0
City Map 25.0
Sea Chart 35.0
World map 39.5

Using the Skill – Decoding

When the cartography skill is high enough, it can be used to decode treasure maps. You must be able to decode a treasure map to dig one up, making cartography an essential skill for the treasure hunter. The treasure map level you can decode is based on your skill level.
To decode a map, double click the map in your backpack.

Treasure Map Level Minimum Cartography Required
Level 1 – Plainly Drawn 30.0
Level 2 – Expertly Drawn 70.0
Level 3 – Adeptly Drawn 80.0
Level 4 – Cleverly Drawn 90.0
Level 5 – Deviously Drawn 100.0