Flag_item_identificationItem Identification is used to determine the magical properties of a weapon, piece of armor, or item.

Using the Skill

To use the skill, click the blue diamond beside Item Identification in the skill gump. Target an item with the targeting cursor.
If you are successful, a description is given. The description on an item can be seen by anyone once the item is identified. Characters with lower skill level might not accurately assess the item resulting in multiple descriptions from the same item if it is assessed more than once.

See the Chart below for a description of magical properties found on armor and weapons.

Magical Armor
Prefix Armor Hitpoint Bonus Suffix Armor Rating Bonus
Durable +5 Defense +5
Substantial +10 Guarding +10
Massive +15 Hardening +15
Fortified +20 Fortification +20
Indestructible +25 this item can break Invulnerability +25


Magical Weapons
Prefix Combat skill bonus Prefix Weapon Durability Bonus Suffix Damage Bonus
Accurate +5 Durable +10 Ruin +1
Surpassingly Accurate +10 Substantial +20 Might +3
Eminently Accurate +15 Massive +30 Force +5
Exceedingly Accurate +20 Fortified +40 Power +7
Supremely Accurate +25 Indestructible +50 this item can break Vanquishing +9
Exceptional Exceptionally made weapons give an additional 30% damage. This works out to the equivelant of a might weapon (+3)

*Note: This skill is considered a useless skill and mainly used for role playing purposes.*