Take whatever we want, give nothing back. Everyone is our enemy. Don’t trust anyone, even me…


Thieves are exactly what they sound like. The have the ability to steal items from others. To a thief, anything that isn’t perfectly secure is fair game. The goal of the thief is to lay claim to whatever a fool hardy adventures believes to be theirs, and show them the true error of their ways.

The life of the thief is not easy, and joining the thieves guild is even harder. It isn’t an easy life, but it can surely be rewarding.

Combat Effectiveness

A thief will typically scoff and the idea of fighting someone in a fair fight. That isn’t their way. However, if a thief can strip a mage of his most precious reagents, or a warrior of his arms, then how quickly the tide of a battle can change.

Player vs Player

The thief is designed from player vs player.. well combat is a strong word.. let’s call it creative ways to win. A thief can target a specific player and sometimes render them useless. By stealing a mages offensive reagents they lose the ability to truly fight back. With a combination of skills, a skilled thief could disarm and steal a warriors weapon, leaving him looking at his empty hand.

Complementing Skills

A combination of Wrestling and Arms Lore will allow a thief to quickly knock an opponents weapon from their hand. With a quick movement that weapon could then be stolen from that opponent.

Magery will allow a thief the versatility to escape from many situations.