Flag_detecting_hiddenDetect Hidden is the skill of finding hidden people and identifying trapped containers.

Using the Skill

To use Detect Hidden, click the blue gem beside that skill in the skill gump. To check for hidden characters, target the floor. To check containers for traps, target the container or the floor beside the container.

If you are inside a house you own, co-own or are friended to, you will be able to instantly reveal anyone hidden in the house, regardless of skill level, on the grounds that you know the house better than any stranger.
Using the Detect Hidden skill inside your own house will not make your skill rise.

Finding Hidden People

The radius of detection is based on your “Detect Hidden” skill. The radius you can detect will increase based on your skill, up to almost the full screen for a grandmaster. Characters with high levels of hiding will be harder to detect than those with less skill.

Trapped Containers

To see if a container is trapped, place it on the floor and use the Detect Hidden skill on the container or on the floor next to it. If the container is trapped, and the skill is successful the words [trapped] will appear over the container.
The words will be color coded to identify the trap type:
purple for explosion traps
blue for dart traps or dart & explosion traps
green for poison traps, poison & dart traps, poison & explosion traps, or poison & dart & explosion traps.

A trapped container can do up to 150 points of damage.
Using the detect hidden skill inside a house you own will search for hidden people instead of detecting traps.

Use Detect Hidden several times on a container to really make sure it is not trapped, you may miss the trap in the first tries.

Faction Traps

For information on traps with regards to factions, see the faction guide.