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Poisoning allows a player to apply poison potions to weapons and food. While applied to a bladed weapon there is a chance on hit that the opponent will be infected by the poison. Poisons come in different strengths and it takes a skilled practitioner to apply the deadliest of poisons.

While poisoned a player will be unable to heal themselves until cured of the poison.

A Mage who is trained in the skill of poisoning will cast a more deadly poison spell as well.


Poisoning is an activated ability and once used while ask the player to target the poison they wish to use, and then an item to apply it to. A weapon can only hold a limited number of poison charges and must be refreshed after they expire. Food that is poisoned will infect the person who consumes it.


After a visit to your local thieves guild to learn the basics of poisoning a player then needs to poison items. There are no passive ways to gain poisoning and it can only be gained through the application of poison to food or weapons. There is a chance that the poisoner could slip and poison themselves when attempting to use the skill so while training always keep a few cure potions on hand. Use the chart below to find which type of poison should be used to maximize skill gain. While training a weapon must be wiped clean with an oil cloth if it has poison charges remaining.

  • 30 – 40: Apply Lesser Poison
  • 40 – 70: Apply Poison
  • 70 – 92: Apply Greater Poison
  • 92 – 100: Apply Deadly Poison


Poisoning is a time consuming and expensive skill to learn, but can be very useful once the player becomes accomplished.