Let others slay dragons and other fearsome beasts. We are the backbone of this city, we are it’s tradesmen. The warrior seems capable but we would see how he would fair without the steel in his hand, and the chainmail on his back. The mage things he has the answer for everything, but that is simply because we provided him with the hides that cover his skin. A war can’t be fought through strength of arms alone. It needs craftsmen.


In this world fortunes can be made and lost in moments. Weapons break, armor cracks, and the world moves on. The conflicts in the world could not be fought without the hard work of the realms craftsmen. Without the knowledge of craftsmen we wouldn’t have the bloody arms needed to wage war, or the peaceful items to decorate our homes.

Combat Effectiveness

A tradesman’s place is not in the front lines of a fight. A tradesman’s place is far from the fight, supply the warriors who need to be ready to take on the next conflict. Very few skills in the tradesman’s arsenal have fighting implications. It is best for a tradesmen to focus on crafting and selling his wares from the safety of his home city.

Player vs Player

While not a front line fighter craftsmen have significant implications when supplying them. In Faction warfare a craftsmen can create faction-blessed clothes, weapons, and armor. Other craftsmen might help in faction warfare by placing deadly traps throughout faction occupied cities.

Complementing Skills

Many of the skills in a craftsman’s toolbox complement each other. A carpenter that has a fair knowledge of cooking would be able to build an oven for a personal and functional touch to a players home. A skills tinkerer would be able to make the tools of many of the other crafting professions.

Magery is very useful for a craftsmen, it will allow them to move across the world with rapid quickness.