Flag_bowcraftBowcraft is the skill for making archery weapons – bows and crossbows. Fletching is the ability to make the ammunition for archery weapons – arrows and bolts. Together they combine to make one skill.

Tools and Supplies

Fletcher’s Tools – The tool used by bowyers and fletchers to create the weapons and ammunition associated with archery

Boards, logs – used to form shafts for arrows and bolts and to make bows and crossbows

Feathers – combined with shafts to make arrows and bolts

Using the Skill

To use the skill, dbl click the fletcher’s tool to access the bowcraft/fletching gump.
This gump works like all standard crafting gumps.
Choose a category from the left. All items in that category will list on the right. Choose an item.
If you have the required supplies, your character will attempt to make the item. If successful, the supplies are removed and the item will be placed in your backpack. Failure to make the item will result in a loss of some supplies.

Item Supplies Minimum Skill GM Success Rate
Kindling 1 board or log 0.0 100.0%
Shaft 1 board or log 0.0 100.0%
Arrow 1 shaft, 1 feather 0.0 100.0%
Crossbow Bolt 1 shaft, 1 feather 0.0 100.0%
Bow 7 boards or logs 30.0 100.0 Normal% 58.8% Exceptional
Crossbow 7 boards or logs 60.0 100.0% Normal 40.0% Exceptional
Heavy Crossbow 10 boards or logs 80.0 75.0% Normal 27.5% Exceptional