Glassblowing is a secondary skill available to Gm Alchemists consisting of creating glass items from sand. This skill is not listed on the skill gump and does not require skill point room.

To train Glassblowing, purchase the training book “Crafting Glass With Glassblowing” from a glassblower. The cost is 10,625gp. Dbl click the book to gain the skill. The book is destroyed but the knowledge is permanent.

The tool of the glassblower is the blowpipe. These are purchased from a glassblower costing 30gp. Like other crafting tools, this tool has limited uses and will wear out. Dbl clicking the blowpipe by a forge will bring up a crafting gump.

Like the alchemy gump, selecting a category on the left opens up the menu to more options. Some glass items may be turned with a house tool for a wider color selection.

Glass items are made from sand. Sand is obtained from a miner trained in mining sand (in the same manner an alchemist trains glassblowing). The sand is found by mining deserts, beaches and other sandy areas.

The following lists items craftable with glassblowing, resources needed, succes rate and additional colors from turning the item.

Item Resources Success Rate Additional Colors
empty bottle 1 sand 95%
small flask 2 sand 95% red, blue, green
medium flask 3 sand 95% yellow, red, empty(gray)
curved flask 2 sand 85% red, teal, blue, green
large flask 4 sand 85% purple, empty(grey)
large flask 5 sand 80% purple, empty(gray)
bubbling medium flask 5 sand 80% not turnable
bubbling large flask 5 sand 80% not turnable
bubbling medium flask 7 sand 80% not turnable
empty vials 8 sand 70% not turnable
full vials 9 sand 70% not turnable
hourglass 10 sand 50% turn to start/stop spinning