Flag_tailoringIn the land of Brittania, tailoring is not only a skill of fashion. Protect your warrior with leather armor, complete bulk orders for tailoring rewards, or stock a vendor with wares.
Tailoring is one of the skills of Brittania that can be gained with little cost to yourself. Train from a cobbler, tailor, tanner or weaver and you are on your way.


The sewing kit and scissors are the main tools of tailoring. Use the sewing kit to select the items you wish to sew. Scissors are used by the tailor to cut bolts to cloth, hides to leather, or to unravel clothing. Both can be purchased from a tailor or created with the tinkering skill. Although sewing kits have limited uses, scissors do not.
Cloth and leather are used to create clothing, footwear and leather armor.
Cloth is available from tailors and weavers, leather from tanners and furtraders. Resources to create both can be harvested from the land.
Dye tubs and dyes can be used to color cloth, clothing and footwear(except sandals). Purchase at any tailor shop, these items are not craftable. Additional colors are available from dye tubs obtained through veteran rewards.

The Tailoring Gump

To use the tailoring skill you will need a sewing kit and cloth or leather in your backpack.
Double-click the sewing kit, to bring up the following gump:

Tailoring categories are listed on the upper left. Choosing a tab by a category will open the gump selections, as seen below. Choosing the LAST TEN tab will list the last ten tailoring items made. On the bottom of the gump are tabs to choose leather types, and options for marking your item.

This gump shows the available selections after clicking the Pants tab on the left side.
The tab after a selection on the right will provide information on minimum skill required, success rate at your skill level, and materials needed. The tab beside the selection creates the item.

This gump shows leather selections after clicking the Leather/Hides tab.

The bottom of the gump also has options
for marking an item with your char. name,
leaving the name off, or choosing a mark
prompt each time you create an item.
One tab scrolls through the options.


The tailor is able to obtain material by harvesting resources from the countryside.
Wool can be obtained from unshorn (wooly) sheep. Using a dagger on a live sheep will give 2 bales of wool. Using a dagger on a sheep corpse will give 6 bales of wool. Cotton and flax can be harvested from fields. Once you have wool, cotton or flax, use on a spinning wheel to produce yarn/thread. Yarn or thread may be used on a loom to produce cloth. Although it sounds like a long process, it takes little time and results in free material.
Hide may be found by killing animals and monsters, then skinning(use a dagger on) the body.
Click here for a list of hide-bearing creatures.


Dyes tubs can be used to color the items you create. Use dyes on a dye tub to select the color you wish to use. Then use the tub on the item to dye. Dyes and Dye tubs do not have limited uses and will not wear out. Besides the standard one available in any tailoring shop, hybrid also has pure black tubs, special dye tubs, and leather dye tubs available from veteran rewards at one month, two months and three months, respectively. Special pre-colored cloth is available from tailors when completing Bulk Orders.

Bulk Order Deeds

When you frequent a tailoring shop selling your wares, the tailor may offer a bulk order in the form of a deed. Filling the bulk order and returning the deed to the tailor will result in payment above what you would normally receive for those items plus other rewards.
For complete information on BODs, click here.

Powerscrolls are available as BOD rewards for the tailoring and blacksmithy skills. These pure-white deeds allow a player to raise skill to a level beyond the maximum 100.0 skill points by 5, 10, 15, or 20. You cannot combine scrolls to gain to a higher level. That is, to gain +20 you must use a +20 powerscroll. Using a +5 and +15 will only allow the skill to open up +15 skill points. The deed opens the skill up, the skill must be worked to gain skillpoints. These points are included in the 700.0 skill point cap. If you are at 700.0 skillpoints you will need to lower another skill to make room.