Our life is that of solitary. We prefer the ebb and flow of nature to the hustle and bustle of the city. Our friends are our animal companions.


The Wilderness Expert will always have his animal companion with him. From the pack of wolves, to the fearsome dragon, they will never be found alone.

Wilderness is a hard, but rewarding skill set. Not many can overcome the deepest of dungeons alone, but a skilled expert with his animals can quickly overcome even the most freighting of monsters.

Combat Effectivness

Few skill sets can claim the ability to delve as deep into dungeons as an Animal Tamer can. With his Dragon and Nightmare an Animal Tamer can take on the hardest of monsters.

Player vs Player

Nightmares and Dragons are fearsome, but can must be controlled to be truly useful. A player who attempts to fight a skilled tamer toe to toe will quickly lose. One must attempt to level the playing field with a tamer before even attempting to fight them.

Complementing Skills

Magery is almost essential to a Wilderness Expert. The ability to hide, heal, cure, and travel cannot be overstated.

Musicianship can make taming fearsome beasts a lot easier when properly used.