Animal Lore is both a passive and active skill. Used actively, the skill will inform you of your pets well being or the condition of other animals. Used passively, the skill gives bonus to Animal Taming, the veterinary skill and stable slots. Animal Lore accounts for 20% of your chance to control a creature (the other 80% is based on your taming skill). Whether used actively or passively, Animal Lore is influenced by your intelligence.

Active Use

Click the blue diamond beside Animal Lore in the skill menu. Target the creature you want to examine. When successful, Animal Lore will show you the following information on a three page gump. Click the gold arrows at the bottom of the gump to view the different pages.

The first page of Animal Lore will show hits, stamina, mana, strength, dexterity and intelligence. This page also shows miscellaneous information like armor rating.
The second page shows the skill level of the creature. All creatures will show the skills wrestling, tactics, magic resistance, anatomy and poison under combats, and magery, evaluating intelligence, and meditation under lore and knowledge. Not all animals will be able to use or train all skills. A sheep, for example, will never have magery even though magery will be listed. Skills that cannot be trained show the skill points for that creature to be –.
The last page shows food preference, pack instincts and loyalty rating. It is important to know your pets food preference to keep them loyal and/or to bond.

If you have less than 100.0 Animal Lore, you will have a chance of success when loring any tamed creature.
If you are at 100.0 Animal Lore (grandmaster ranger), you have a chance to view the stats of any tameable creature.


Loyalty is an important factor in owning a pet. Pets respond better to commands when they have high loyalty.

Pets being bonded need to be kept happy or better to successfully bond. The level of loyalty is shown by their level of contentment. Creatures that are not tamed will show wild as their loyalty rating.

If your pet is Its loyalty is
Wonderfully happy Extremely high
Extremely happy Very high
Very happy High
Rather happy Good
Happy Good
Content Neutral
Content, I suppose Neutral
Unhappy Low
Rather unhappy Low
Extremely unhappy Very low
Confused Extremely low

A pet’s loyalty will drop if it is not fed or when left unattended for an extended period of time. If you are not using your pet, or you are logging off, it is best to stable the creature.

Passive Use

Passively, Animal Lore affects Animal Taming, the Veterinary skill and your stable slots. Likewise, using the Veterinary or Animal Taming skills will passively raise Animal Lore unless the skill has been locked or set to lower.

Animal Lore is a complementary skill for Veterinary. With Veterinary you can heal animals of damage inflicted on them. With 60 or more skill points in both Animal Lore and Veterinary you have a chance to cure a poisoned creature. With 80 or more skill points in both skills you have a chance to resurrect a bonded pet.

Animal Lore compliments Animal Taming. Without Animal Lore, you will have a higher fail rate when taming animals. Some creatures will not be tamable or controllable without Animal Lore.

Stable slots are also affected by Animal Lore. Every character has four slots at the stable. Players with combined skill in Animal Taming, Animal Lore and Veterinary may have up to seven slots. Animal Lore will give one extra slot at gm skill level.