The Veterinary skill is used to heal animals. Higher levels of the veterinary skill can also cure and resurrect pets.

Using the Skill

To use the veterinary skill, use bandages on a wounded animal (dbl click the bandages, target the creature). If you are successful, you will heal an amount of their health based on your skill in veterinary and animal lore. If an animal is tame, it will take less time to heal the creature.

Use caution, reputation rules apply to the veterinary skill. Healing an evil or criminal animal will result in your own criminal flag.

Complimentary Skills and Bonuses

To cure a poisoned animal, you will need a minimum of 40.0 in both veterinary and animal lore.

To resurrect a bonded animal (ghost), a minimum of 80.0 is required in both veterinary and animal lore. If you are not the owner, the owner must be nearby to permit you to resurrect the animal.

GM Veterinary will allow a player an extra slot in the stables.