Hybrid: Publish 2017-1


As of 22:15 EST – 3 October 2017, we will be pushing publish 2017-1 to Hybrid.  Publish notes are as follows:

  • Valorite Runics will now be permitted for imbuing in factions
  • Monster of the Month has been updated for Halloween!
  • Cleanup Britannia has returned!
    • “I wish to cleanup Britannia” is now a house command which will make things interesting
    • Trash as much as possible, not just to help the server load/save times, but to help the economy
    • We’ve done our best to build an algorithm that will account for item rarity when giving you tickets, so trash it!
    • You can trash entire containers/bags/packs now!
    • CUB Rewards will be disabled for this week, while we finish up some work on them.
    • CUB should last the entire month of October!
  • Sallos connectivity has been re-enabled, we’re working on re-establishing the official Sallos server
  • Lots… and lots of easter eggs… perhaps the head of “GM Ryan”?
  • New mounts added, will be used soon
  • Groundwork for new Veteran Reward system put in place (yes, it’s time to overhaul this thing)


We appreciate your support… the next step for us will be working through the Clean Up Britannia with everyone and then focusing on some of the various crafting and PVM/PVE elements of the game.


We will be purging some of our inactive accounts, by removing houses/items associated with them for being inactive.  With nearly half-a-million accounts on Hybrid it’s about time to start getting rid of the “dead wood”.

Thank you for your continued support of Hybrid!

  1. Tiffany October 5, 2017

    Thank you Ryan and staff for all of your hard work, time and dedication. As a loyal Hybrid player for over 11 years… it will never be forgotten.