Hybrid: Publish 2017-2


As of 23:50 EST – 14 October 2017, we will be pushing publish 2017-2 to Hybrid.  Publish notes are as follows:

  • CUB Rewards are here!  New Items!
    • New House Add-ons
    • New Hues
    • New House Decoration
    • New Character modifications
    • PvP Skill ball for PvP skills only
  • New ethereal mounts added for upcoming changes
  • Veternarian now resurrects pets after 5 minutes, down from 10.
  • Young players should now properly register when being created.

We appreciate your support!


We will be purging some of our inactive accounts, by removing houses/items associated with them for being inactive.  With nearly half-a-million accounts on Hybrid it’s about time to start getting rid of the “dead wood”.

Thank you for your continued support of Hybrid!