Hybrid Update, where things stand…


I know that you’re all looking for updates from myself as to where we’re going and how we’re going to get there…

I apologize that we’re not updating you enough… quite honestly we’ve been up to our necks in work to get this thing secured and stabilized.

First a couple of house keeping notes:

  • UOGamers:  Hybrid has a new website which can be found here (www.uohybrid.com).  UOGamers.com will become a landing page to advertise Hybrid and Demise and house a centralized forum platform for both shards.
  • The “UOGamers” group on Facebook has been compromised, we no longer have control over it so you’ll need to join a new one which you can find here:  UOGamers Facebook or through the icon at the top!
  • If you are running Razor and have updated it recently you’ve probably noticed it’s been a little flakey.  You should re-install it directly off of RunUO.com immediately.  Eos (a RunUO Developer) has been nice enough to fix it and has updated the installer on RunUO.com!  A direct link to Razor is here:  Razor!
  • If you are running Razor you should definitely start transitioning to AssistUO as it is the future of Ultima Online Assistant tools.

OK, on to the meat of the updates!

There have been a lot of changes lately here at UOGamers, as many of you know Mark has left to start his own shard, there are plenty of links to it in the forums etc… you can check it out of you’d like.  The RunUO Team wishes Mark all the success in the world with his project.

Now that we’re pretty much past the “locking things down” phase of getting the entire RunUO Network back under control we’re happy to announce to everyone that UOGamers will NOT be going down.  As of right now GM Francis has assumed the leadership position on UOGamers:  Hybrid to run the staff operations and Eos has stepped up to handle the staff leadership position on UOGamers:  Demise!

Eos will be doing double duty as far as development goes to help both shards and we will be actively adding other developers in the future.  We’ve already received a plethora of emails asking to help and will be taking some people up on their offers.

Jim Lahey – a dedicated UOGamers player has setup a twitter account and is using it to bring new players and notify others of what’s going on here on Hybrid.  You can follow it here Hybrid Twitter!

Brackus – another dedicated UOGamers player has setup the Facebook page referenced above… follow it through the link above of the Facebook social icon at the top of the page!

After talking to many players it was glaringly apparent that walking away from UOGamers would just not be right.  We have players who have invested nearly a decade of their lives into this shard and as long as we have the means to operate it we will.  I’m sorry for the confusion and craziness that went down, none of it was the fault of the staff of UOGamers it all rests squarely on me.  I was not nearly as dedicated to the UOGamers brand as I should have been.

UOGamers has been a “brand” for nearly fifteen years, it’s been around since well before RunUO even existed.  Hybrid has been around since December of 2003 and it is my hope that it will be around for even longer.

We will be making some pretty big changes here in the future, changes which I had voiced in the past… basic things like getting rid of the Del Pond (and frankly T2A all together).

Hybrid will live on… thanks to you, our dedicated players.



  1. Tor September 20, 2013

    Looking Good! Keep it coming.

  2. Tor September 20, 2013

    WOOT No More DEL PONDS! Awesome

  3. Tholemu September 20, 2013

    No more T2A? I love the desert!