Publish Notes – Pub 2016-3 – 12 March 2016


Tonight we applied Pub 2016-3 to the server with the following changes:

  • Paragon fire creatures have started appearing throughout Britannia!
  • Added “Refuse Trades” option to the player context menu.
  • Removed “Double Loot” from dungeons, will be replaced next week with a more robust system instead of simply doubling existing loot!
  • Added Hybrid Coins to all Champion Spawns!
  • Tweaked wand drops, they will be more rare than they used to be.
  • Champion skulls will now drop directly to the corpse rather than player packs.


These changes are but the first step to what will be a comprehensive overhaul of Hybrid’s game logic.  We hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing you in game.