Server Move and Publish Notes 21 September 2013


Tonight marks a milestone in our recent transition… this evening we’ll be moving the UOGamers:  Hybrid shard to the same location as UOGamers:  Demise in an effort to provide a better quality of service and an overall better experience to our players.

The new server address is: Port 2593 or Port 80.

When the server moves tonight the following changes will go into effect:

  • MyUOGamers is now operational on the back end, the front end website will take a little time but not require a shard restart.
  • Murderers are now permitted in towns again.
  • Explosion potions will now to be in your backpack to use them.
  • The practice of carrying gold to buy things is archaic and has no basis in reality.  Going forward all purchases will auto deduct from your bank account.
  • With the amount of gold that can be farmed quickly we needed to make gold weigh less.  We’ve dropped gold to .004 stones per piece, meaning that 50,000 gold will weigh 200 stones.
  • Monsters with a positive karma will now attack evil monsters.
  • If you transfer an ageless house, it will remove the ageless status of the house.
  • Veterinarian vendors will now resurrect pets for a fee.
  • Rangers can be found throughout the world, which will retrieve your lost or trapped pets for a fee.  If you cannot afford to pay for this please do not page.  Staff members will not help you with lost pets.
  • Monsters will no longer un-peace while taming.
  • The Donation System is now online and operational.
  • All accounts which were banned are now unbanned.
  • The password reset system is now operational… as soon as you see it on the website it will work for you!
  • The weight of a bola has been increased.
  • The cool down timer for bolas has been increased.
  • The remount timers for bolas have been modified slightly, you will notice that faction mounts benefit greatly from this change.
  • Bola timers have been adjusted slightly to balance them more carefully in the field.
  • The email notifications for account management system will work now!

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your patience through all of this… I recognize it’s not been easy on any of you and as you can expect it’s been trying for us also.

UOGamers:  Hybrid has a bright future ahead and there are many more changes in the works… we will be closing T2A, something I’ve wanted to do forever to bring the playerbase together as well as making some sweeping changes to Factions in an effort to make them much more fun for players.

As with *everything* we do, there is a chance these changes could have a negative effect on the shard… if any change has a negative effect you’re encouraged to voice your opinion and let us know.  We aren’t looking to make changes in a vacuum without your input, we’re trying to make the game kick ass for you, our players.

Thanks for everything you’ve done to support us and keep watching here because here at UOGamers, we love doing epic shit.

  1. sicc September 22, 2013

    Good stuff Ryan, keep up the good work!


  2. Draco September 22, 2013

    Awesome Man Can’t Wait!

  3. Krasius September 22, 2013

    Always had faith in you Ryan, Been a player almost since day 1, btw lost my old pass for an account back in 09. Send me my password to email by any chance? Long Live Hybrid!!! Your’s Happily and trueley…

  4. Tholemu September 22, 2013

    Will there be any places within Britannia where monsters found in T2A will spawn? i.e. cyclops, titan, executioners, efreet… I enjoy hunting in T2A. It was brand new when I first started playing many years ago.

    1. Ryan September 22, 2013

      Yes we will be adding new hunting grounds and we’ll also be adding new NPC’s/Monsters 🙂

  5. UNiX September 22, 2013

    what time will the server go down/move? cant wait…

  6. Ryan September 22, 2013

    Already done… new IP is port 2593

  7. Gages September 22, 2013

    What was the reason for the server change? Is this server better quality than the last? What’s stopping this server change from being a complete failure like the last move to Chicago?

    1. Ryan September 23, 2013

      This is a better server, all kinds of reasons for moving it. As always if there are some negative effects we will deal with it.

  8. DuelZ September 22, 2013

    Just a suggestion, what do you think about making rares available on spawn at a very low percent chance of finding but just a little perk to encourage more pvm. On that note this will boost more blue vs red fights on the field.

  9. UNiX September 22, 2013

    when are all the changes gonna happen? how much longer do i have in t2a? also cant wait to buy items without having to carry the gold on me

  10. Ray September 25, 2013

    I would like to see Slayer Weapons available on Hybrid.

  11. Kingllama September 26, 2013

    I’m so happy to see this!!! I used this new Ip and port and I lose 60 ping im now down to 90-100!!!

  12. TheMotion October 7, 2013

    Great work Great changes ! UOG BABY!