Shard Update – 30 July 2014 – Economy, Dungeons, Donations and more!


One of the biggest complaints I have been dealing with over the past week is the economy, the glut of gold in it and how to correct it.

As you’re well aware there was far too much gold in the game, making it invariably impossible for new players to ‘catch up’ to veteran players.  In an effort to curb that gold in the game we’ve sold a ton of “high end rares” for in game gold and are continuing to add more gold sinks as possible.

Sometime in August we will start auctioning plots in Magincia for players to live in.  They will not be the existing houses that are in place, they will be different but they will be player owned.  These houses will be auctioned for in game gold.  At the same time we will likely convert Magincia to an unguarded town, where players police themselves.  I am also considering possibly returning the COM base to Magincia (by popular request) though I have not taken the time to assess the impact of such actions so it remains to be seen what will be done.

At the start of last week the Hybrid world had a little more than 30 Billion Gold in it.  As of right now, the entire amount of liquid gold supply in the world is just under 15 Billion.  That’s a drastic improvement which also involved the purging of my own bank from the rare vendor and some minor winnings in poker.

While some of the items we sold were rare to begin with and adding them to the world has caused more of them to be available, thus increasing supply the demand is still present for said items and the lower gold supply means your gold is worth much more.  Be careful over the next few weeks as the economy fluctuates to adjust to this large scale change.

While the removal of this amount of gold was not a trivial task and is not without player impact it is wildly good for the overall health of the shard.  I am committing that by the end of August, 2014 it is our plan to remove the ability to donate for gold from the donation platform.

In addition to all of these changes we are planning some others which will greatly assist the shard, including dungeon overhauls with new monsters and themes, new rares to be released into the system including some of the amazing items you’ve seen at the West Brit Bank and much more.  It’s imperative that we make joining the ranks of the successful veterans on the shard.  The only way UOGamers grows and moves forward is with new blood, not just those returning.

There are many more things that we are working on as a team but I wanted to at least take a moment to give you a heads up on where we stand right now.  I know it’s been a long time coming and I hope that you are as excited to see these changes as we are to make them.

I also wanted to publicly thank the staff of Hybrid for the great job they’re doing… it goes without saying that we have a wonderful and very tight team running the shard right now and they are by and large doing an amazing job.  Freeshards will never be without their ‘hiccups’ but the ones here are few and far between.  The staff genuinely care about your gameplay experience and have done all they can to ensure it’s a good one.