Staff update for 11 March 2016


I just wanted to take a few moments and let you know that we’ve beefed up the staff here at UOGamers: Hybrid considerably. Over the past week we’ve added the following staff members:

Developer Xian – a long time member of the UOGamers community and a trusted confidant. He is looking forward to helping us move forward with some of our objectives to modernize the Hybrid code base as well as adding new features for the shard.

Game Master Frank – another long time member of the UOGamers community, Frank is going to help us modernize our web presence and is looking forward to helping players in game.

Game Master Montana – a true asset to UOGamers over the years, Montana is looking forward to helping players, running events and helping create a much better staff to player experience.

Counselor Lorna – a well tenured community member that knows the game inside out. Will assist us in perfecting the details while helping players as they need it.

These changes are just one step in the right direction, we’ve been pretty busy over the last month or more working through code refactoring and getting Hybrid in a state where we can start rolling in-game changes to you. It’s going to be a wild ride, and we look forward to sharing it with you!


  1. Stephen long March 11, 2016

    I do love this game but have not played in a long time. Right now I’m on vacation. As soon as I get home I’ll check out the changes on the game. Thank you very much Stephen Long.