Suggestion and PVP Forums are Open


As we move to stabilize the community and the site we’ve opened up the Suggestion and PVP forums.  Please use them responsibly so they are effective tools for the shard.  As we move forward we will work on some more guidelines on how to effectively use the community but we’re going to be easing up on the rules.  As a libertarian I believe the best policing for the community is really done by the community itself.

Thank you all for the support you’ve shown.  Hybrid is alive and well and will be for a long time to come.


  1. DuelZ September 26, 2013

    Yea I would like to suggest boosted rare drops on monsters with a level of rares depending on the difficulty of the monster. I’m sure you will be better in coming up with the system that bases drop rate of these sought after rares, but the idea is to promote people to leave town and go mingle within the dungeons searching out new weapons, rares, maybe a special currency even. I beleive adventure is the heart beat of ultima, and besides more blues hunting equals more reds pking which equals anti pks and therefore shard life. Post what you think, ideas or criticism welcome.

    1. Ray September 26, 2013

      Bringing Slayer Weapons to Hybrid would do just that.

    2. Beast Mode September 26, 2013

      A new dungeon that takes ^^^ into account would be nice. I think that something that resembles the “Doom Dungeon” on OSI. There is a Gauntlet of Extremely Tough/Difficult Monsters that have an extremely small percentage of dropping a random rare from a list of 20+ rare items.

    3. Ryan September 26, 2013

      I couldn’t agree more… we’re in the process of a lot of this stuff right now.

  2. Poorman September 26, 2013

    1) Keep Del – No one will pvp with houses/ traps etc.
    2) Move all faction bases to T2A
    3) Give faction officers temp rare items
    4) Remove l337 items that ruin pvp i.e, hybrid armour
    5) Make archery available while you are moving
    6) Allow reds into town
    7) House IDOC 3- 6 months
    8) Update donation items (duh)
    9) Have new accounts start with a 7x skill ball (pre used and bound to that character)

  3. Renan September 26, 2013

    IDOC time is cool, it makes people play more often, but I agree with Poorman, item number 9, I think news players could have some bound items, a 7x skill bal I don’t think so, but some things that make them more interested in the game, cause if u are newbie you have a long journey until you have conditions to be known for the other players, and some help for the newbie could help them to start earlier in the pvp. I think the faction system could have some changes, to encourage people to join the factions. And about the PvM, I think it’s true, it became boring hunt for money and magic weapons, some rares could be very nice and motivated for us. That’s my opinion, thanks for listen to us and kep the good job!

  4. Merlin September 27, 2013

    Pots OPed and chase. Been a problem for years. New rare items-let’s face it, people log on 4 accounts just to receive their free handout. Tie the new rares to hunting monsters. A dungeon system of collecting coins without a low drop rate to save up and purchase rare items definitely keeps dungeons hopping on other shards and will inspire dungeon based hunting and pvp getting players into the world. I agree also about making archery available on the move and maybe lower the damage rate if you feel it makes archery OP, however, all templates at one point or another have been, so why not let archery have it’s run.

    1. Merlin September 27, 2013

      meant collecting coins WITH a low drop rate…

  5. Ray September 27, 2013

    Another comment on Slayer Weapons…the Slayer Music Instruments on this server are completely worthless, as they fail more than a GM made exceptional one. The silver ones especially need to be tweaked to make them useful. Otherwise, what is the point in even having them in-game if they don’t work?

  6. Belial October 8, 2013

    I was thinking it would be cool if fame and or karma would reduce the time per murder count. Or turn aoe spells back the way they were when blues couldn’t flag blues. Alchy field pvp doesn’t exist unless you are on a red because there is always some little asshat that is more than willing to go kill himself as soon as you flag just to give you a murder count.

  7. TheMotion October 13, 2013

    1.)Make silver more abundant. For example normal some non faction monsters drop silver.
    2.)Have Faction monsters drop a good bit more than 30 silver to boost faction moral with the new changes.
    3.)Simplify the BOD system by making ruinic hammers actually obtainable from a simple single BOD rather than bulk order deeds.
    4.) Have more ways to get ruinic smith hammers and sewing kits such as if you guard a town sigil and place it on the monolith have a random chance at a ruinic hammers,sewing kits, silver and such.
    All my ideas for factions i know it might decrease the rarity of faction equipment but i think its to rare as it is and to hard to obtain these items.

  8. Killer October 18, 2013

    I want tamers to be only for hunting make to make it so if you get off you pets and attack a player stats on pet go down or cant remount it makes pvp lame

  9. Name (Required) October 18, 2013

    haveing maxed pets allways on you and able to do shit there all is the say all kill no skill or all kill gay skill like its annoying to fight some guy with pets ;/

  10. Stephen November 24, 2013

    If you want to foster new players into factions, quit being dicks.
    1) Allow npc housing to be rented – this will put people into towns not being used.
    2) Killing faction guards should grant silver.
    3) Offer crafting rewards (random drops) for crafting in a town square

    1. Stephen November 24, 2013

      Also allow the cutting up of vet reward cloth. I have 52 of these unused vet rewards. I could turn this into a killer toon outfit.

  11. ninja December 5, 2013

    i agree with themotion

  12. Destroyer March 22, 2014

    Quick question…

    Do you allow Sallos still? Thinking of coming back (played hybrid for 4+ years), and I’m hoping all of my accounts still exist…but the only way I come back is if Sallos is still allowed.

    Just let me know at your earliest convenience.


    1. Sage July 9, 2014

      Yes, we allow Sallos! 🙂

  13. Destroyer March 22, 2014

    Meant to say 6+ years, sorry – been drinking. ;D

  14. SkunK October 28, 2015

    Hi everybody, i want to suggest something so discussed, i know this server is based on 15/16 publish, but i see lots of new add ons, like hybrid mares, hybrid dragons, monthly monster.. etc. I recently noticed a drop in player activity, halloween’s month is almost done and tamers are going to bank sitting, i’ve been playing in this server for 31 days exactly, all of them i did something, actually i have a GM tamer, GM crafter(tailor, tinker, carpenter, blacksmith) and an acceptable Faction-pk. In my humble opinion we need to refresh the image and gameplay of forgotten classes.
    We have no change to kill some paragon monsters by our selves and team play has been loss, i didn´t see people purposing to do a Champ, or to go kill some blue souls..

    Explained that:
    I purpose change the pet system (It is not racional that slots used by a beettle are the same as a dragon, or a dragon the same as a white wyrm, a ki-rin the same a a nightmare), maybe in addition or replacement add Evo pets(very balanced, i don´t want to offend the purists sensibility, not necesary to be dragon or mares)
    add new pets +100 taming, that will promote people to do champs and get legendary skill scrolls(the most banksitter will move his/her Self to train and play) (pks have ppl to fight)(example: shadow wyrms, ancient drags.. etc transform them to tamables)

    – To promote Champs using special rewards

    – We see lots of cloths moving in our economy, if you are a bit observer, the majority stuff is related with 2003-2012.
    i love fighting at duel tournaments to get 1st place and get a sandals hued, stop Buying/Selling old shit. Let’s create a new economy together.

    Please, be constructive, I don´t want play pokemon, i want create the possibility of playing a game for everybody. If we want to preserve this game we can’t be purists.