Summer Bazaar!


It just isn’t summer with out a Summer Bazaar!

Spring Fair1

Summer is going by fast so lets celebrate with a Summer Bazaar! Set up will begin Friday, August 8th(8am EST) with opening day being the following Saturday, August 9th(time TBD).

If you are not familiar with trade fairs, general information and guidelines are available here. Most notably:

  • You will have to set up a new vendor (or vendors) in the fair setup area, we do not move existing vendors to the fair.
  • A vendor has a setup fee of 10k gold as payment for the fair spot. Aside from this, the vendor will also require normal payment for upkeep.
  • After the fair has ended players can page in game to retrieve their vendors.
  • Setup will be announced in game with broadcasting and town crier once the setup arena is open.

I would recommend players consider stocking up on pvp supplies, resources and the craftable items we find hard to come by(stone tables) as that is what really makes the gold. ;)

I look forward to seeing you all for vendor set up!